In year 12AF of the Kamari calendar, a group of scholars and frontier adventurers who had learned many skills and trades in their time came together in discussion. They determined that those of them that had been hardy enough to survive the life of an adventurer had not only achieved great profit, but also aided the economies of the lands where they spent those profits. Knowing that successful adventurers generally survived due to a difficult and challenging youth and the character built therein they petitioned to have the chance to build a school that would train youth that may otherwise stray from a constructive lifepath. The Ivarian government put up the seed money to construct the academy and later other nations made some kind of contribution after realizing the potential benefits may be completely the property of Ivaria if they didn’t become involved. Initially the academy only accepted paying students but after a few years they found that few families could afford to pay the costs of tuition and those that could rarely provided children that were willing to work hard or take risks knowing that they could return home to a life of ease. A new system was invented by which scholarships were offered. In exchange at the end of a student’s training they could pay off accrued debt by doing jobs on behalf of clients of the academy. The initial seed money covered the training and then successful students would pay off their student loan plus interest before being set free. It became standard practice for many villages and religious organizations to send able-bodied orphans to the academy for a shot at a better life. Over the last twenty years the academy became profitable and began to offer more courses.

The Fate of the Academy- 32AF

The academy might have succeeded in its mission had it been able to extricate itself completely from politics. Unfortunately it made enemies in various governments and during the event known as the ‘Call for Independence’ it was destroyed by the Kamari militia, and an Ersalian strike force. With the governments of other countries turning a blind eye, not realizing that Kamari’s next step would be to destroy their embassies and repel the Ivarian military. Numerous generals and standing forces were paid off and bought by Kamari giving them a far more powerful army than would have been expected, and crippling the colonial forces due to financially backed desertions.