Va'ir is a material plane at the center of a chaotic group of outer planes. Many beings of power that some may refer to as gods vie for some kind of influence over the plane of Va'ir which is protected by a layer of parallel planes. Even those parallel planes are home to beings who want to harm Va'ir in some way but are forced to defend themselves from outer plane influences and thus rarely have the resources to mount any kind of true attack on Va'ir. Unique among all planes surrounding Va'ir is an anomaly that has been named All-Creation and it is the source of holy divinity. Some theorize that All-Creation is a plane, others a force, and others still claim that it is a collective consciousness. Even those scholars who have been there after accumulating much power over their lifetimes claim that it is a place of emptiness and great beauty, where nothing can be seen, but millions of voices can be heard whispering.

It is known that All-Creation speaks to people on va'ir though most don't hear it, or ignore it. Those who open their hearts to it can hear small words of advice or encouragement from one of All-Creation's aspects. Aspects are said to be part of the whole but with their own focus and goals. These aspects then become the objects of worship for the intelligent beings on Va'ir. It is unknown how people are chosen by an aspect to do its work, only that they receive requests in the form of words, dreams or even direct phenomena. Those that dedicate themselves recieve in exchange the power to channel divine energy as they develop a connection with All-Creation, with the aspect they serve carefully directing them towards goals of its choosing. Interestingly, All-Creation never gives orders, only requests, but it does open itself more and more to those who fulfill the works of an aspect and close itself from those who do ill in the world. Scholarly study of All-Creation is largely dedicated now to discovering the reason behind All-Creation's requests, what its greater goal is.

Each aspect of All-Creation is named for the aura effect that manifests when a follower uses a channel divinity power. However it is theorized as of AF16 that even the concept of aspects are merely primitive attempts to compartmentalize and limit the scope of what All-Creation truly is. At least a few persons of divine providence have shown the ability to channel All-Creation without actively choosing an aspect.