Hokuto The fledgling empire of Hokuto was the last nation to begin settling in Kamar as only within the last twenty years have they moved from a feudal system to a monarchy. The country is still largely caste based and the emperor rules through virtue of controlling the largest military force and navy amongst the archipelagos. Warlords act as ministers and regional managers within the government but still attempt to have as much autonomy as possible. Several would be warlords began settling the coastal regions of Kamar and the emperor responded by setting up a bureaucracy to handle management of the settling in order to stop it growing out of control. The Hokuto-Jin are largely a seafaring people used to fishing in shallow waters, and thus have avoided expanding further inland as they experiment with moving out of their comfort zone. They are also wary of the Gnoll, but placate them with trades of fish and Inabuta; a breed of pig that is considered the most succulent in the world. Hokuto also exports rice, quality blades, coral and jade. They import iron, coal, leather goods and gnoll made bows. The population of Hokuto is one million, two hundred thousand. The Kamar population of Hokuto is sixty-five thousand.


Hokuto-Jin come from a culture that is on the tail end of feudalism. They are avid sailors and fishermen and dedicate themselves to hard work. Their culture is one of perfectionism and each man or woman sets out to do the very best they can to embrace the things they are good at. As a result their craftsmanship is considered second to none amongst humans and to anyone but the rare soul who has experienced dwarven crafts.

Average Height Male: 5’7”, Female 5’1”

Average Weight Male: 158lbs, Female 110lbs

Complexion: Yellow Hair: Straight, coarse. Black or Dark Brown

Eyes: Black, Brown, Jade (rarely)

Naming conventions: Japanese, Korean

Hokuto 32AFEdit

On the sixth day of the tenth month of the thirty second year since the founding of the city of Kamari, Saburou Hayate Kaminoji declared himself god emperor of the new nation of Minamijuji a vassal nation to the City-state of Kamari. Due to both the blood of divinity within him and his long term position as ruler of the HCR with only vassals below him his seizure of power was ceremonial at best.

Without any male heirs to the reigning emperor of Hokuto's throne, the nation will have a choice upon his death... allow Saburou to ascend the throne anyways or face a tremendous civil war.