Kamar is a city-state in Va'ir. Its capitol is Kamari City.


Kamarians are a second generation culture created in the melting pot of cultures that is Kamari City and its environs. They are often a mix of more than one human culture, and their appearance is hybrid too in those cases. Kamari tend not to have strong cultural loyalties, but rather have learned to get on with the people and races surrounding them and are very much in tune with the idea of profiting from other's differences rather than keeping those who are different separate.


This language is actually a dialect of Ivarian that allows for faster free flowing speech and contains a lot more slang. Ivarian and Kamar speakers understand each other generally, though Ivarians find Kamar somewhat superficial, and Kamari find Ivarian speech archaic and humorous.


As one might expect, Kamar doesn't have its own unique cuisine but rather a fusion. Combining Estelian sentiments with ingredients of other cuisines seems to garner the best results.

Revolution of 32AFEdit

In the year 32 AF, a faction of the Kamari legislative body known as "The Mercantile Deliberative" staged a coup. Plans had been in the works for some time and much money had been spent greasing the palms of those who might make the job easier. The death of key member Werner Bosch and the uncovering of their existence forced their hand. More than eighty percent of the Kamari militia and leadership was already on board with their plans.

The plan to wipe out all foreign policy and influence over Kamar's growth leadership was underway and the city's air filled with the smoke of embassies and delegations being destroyed.

The city state of Kamari declared its independence. No more would other nations have any control. In fact, they would have no voice at all.

The Deliberative's web had spread further than anyone could have anticipated. The unrestricted financial growth both existent and offered had bought the allegiance of more than just the natives of Kamari city. Coups began in all the colonial regions as expatriated individuals of great wealth threw aside the influences of their mother nations. Mercenary militias became the norm. The goal, one isolated Kamar, free to create its own rules and to allow the pursuit and maintenance of great wealth above all things.

It took only two months to succeed. The love of money had superseded all else and settlements loyal to their mother nations were razed, loyalists executed or burned. The common people were either too afraid or too inline with the idea of a new supreme Kamari nation.